Cooking is my creative outlet. I’m always searching for something delicious and exciting to serve at my table and entice family and friends.

I grew up in Sydney, Australia, in a busy household with my mum, dad, two brothers, sister and a budgerigar. Meal times were riotous and exciting, we all looked forward to my mum’s delicious home cooking. Although as a youngster I was fussy with food, my parents still taught me to try new things and to appreciate food. I think that’s what’s made me the way I am today ~ adventurous with cooking and always looking for something new (and no longer fussy!). What I love about trying new things and sharing food with the people I love is that the flavours and smells become triggers for memories; it’s a very emotional experience.

I’m completely self taught, having never been to a cookery school, baking tutorial, photography lesson, styling workshop… nothing of the sort! Not to mention I work Monday to Friday in a corporate office; a world away from the kitchen, making the time I do spend cooking (or indulging in others’ cooking) so valuable to me.

What inspires me is a list of influences as extensive as the day is long ~ the seasons, my family, books, magazines, the Australian landscape, the millions of talented food bloggers online, my friends, the great British high street, my heritage, travel, great produce, sculptors, painters, photographers… just to name a few. Nowadays I spend my time between Sydney and London with my husband (a proud Scotsman), which seems only to accentuate my awareness of the things that go into who I am and what I have to give.

If you’re interested in any of my recipes or photography, please get in touch.

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